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Let There Be Dragons!

Seth is created using a wire armature which has been built up and shaped using several different materials and techniques. His "skin" is comprised of fabric hardener along with sand and a form of crackle paste to give it a rough texture. His scales are made from birch bark. He's dry-brushed with acrylic paint and preserved with varnish.


Wire armature, Fabric hardener, Crackle paste, Birch bark, Acrylic paint, Varnish.


Vases & Bottles

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Glass bottles and vases can be used to make creative pieces with mixed media. Fabric hardener is used to initially coat the bottle or vase. The next layer can consist of several different mediums including art stone, crackle paste, a natural material, or a combination of several components. Creating artistic pieces with glass bottles is also a great way to re-purpose materials!


Glass bottles or vases, Art stone, Crackle paste, Natural material.



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Anime Dragon

Willow is created using a wire armature which has been built up and shaped using several different materials and techniques. She is “mummified” with hockey tape and preserved with fabric hardener. Her scales are made from birch bark. She’s dry-brushed with acrylic paint and further preserved with varnish. Willow is not at all a fierce dragon but done more in an anime style.


Wire armature, Hockey tape, Fabric hardener, Birch bark, Acrylic paint, Varnish.

Mixed Media Gal...
Erin Whalen

I'm an emerging Mixed Media Artist in southern Wisconsin. Visit the Gallery to see some of my latest works. My artwork can be purchased at upcoming Events in Illinois and Wisconsin. If you'd like a private showing, please Contact Me.

I'm a member of Artists on the Bluff and the Geneva Lake Arts Foundation. You can see more of my work in GLAF Online Member Art Gallery. I'm available for private lessons or small Workshops (groups up to 12). Visit the Workshops section for details.

I’ve been involved in arts and crafts for most of my life. I have experience in crocheting, spinning, weaving, needle felting and wet felting. Some of my needle felted dolls have been featured in the National magazine, Art Doll Quarterly. I've won several competitions with my needle felted work. But I've never really considered myself an artist until I discovered mixed media sculpting.

Mixed media is a multi-faceted and versatile art form. It allows me to bring my ideas to life with a level of detail that I've never been able to achieve with other mediums. The possibilities are endless! I invite you to learn more about the exciting world of mixed media – visit me at a local Event or book a private or group Workshop. I look forward to sharing my passion for this medium with you!


Here is a list of upcoming events that I'll be vending at in 2024. I plan on adding a few more events for 2024, so check back for more dates. If you're interested in a particular piece and will be coming to one of the events, please let me know. I'll be happy to put it on "hold" for you.

JUNE 2024
EVENT: Artists on the Bluff
I'd like to thank all the ATOB volunteers for hosting such a great show at a beautiful venue. Also, THANK YOU to everyone who purchased my artwork. I hope you enjoy it for years to come!

JULY 2024
EVENT: 49th Annual Williams Bay Fine Art & Music Fest
DATE & TIME: Sat, July 27 (9am – 5pm)
Sun, July 28 (10am - 4pm)
LOCATION: Edgewater Park in Williams Bay, WI

EVENT: 44th Annual Art in the Park
DATE & TIME: Sat, Aug. 10 (10:00am – 5:00pm)
Sun, Aug. 11 (10am – 4pm)
LOCATION: Flat Iron Park, 201 Wrigley Dr, Lake Geneva, WI

EVENT: Powertex Certification Workshop
DATES: Sept. 5 - 8
TOPICS: After this workshop, I'll be a Certified Powertex Instructor and will be offering mixed-media classes.

EVENT: Holiday Vendor/Craft/Artist Fair
DATE & TIME: Sat, Nov. 23 (9am – 3pm)
Sun, Nov. 24 (9am – 3pm)
LOCATION: Prince of Peace Catholic Church, 135 S. Milwaukee Ave, Lake Villa, IL


Mixed media is a multi-faceted and versatile art form with endless possibilities. It allows you to bring your ideas to life with incredible detail. But, surprisingly, it's easy to learn. There are many fun aspects to creating a mixed media sculpture and step is its own art form. When you learn these steps, it will open a whole new world to you. One thing for certain – you'll never be bored with mixed media artwork!

Another aspect I like about mixed media is that the tools and materials are inexpensive. Also, the materials are non-toxic and kid-friendly.

If you're interested in booking a private lesson or group workshop, please reach out to me through the Contact section. My rates are reasonable and negotiable. I'm also available to give demonstrations or teach small hands-on projects at libraries, community centers and Maker Faires.

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